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NYC part 1

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Road summary for the folks back home.

day 1

Arrived around 20:00, past security, took a cab, and checked into the Morningside Inn in Harlem/Morningside Heights.

Went out for dinner at Metro Diner, great burger. Went out to Lenox Lounge in Harlem, with a jazz show in the Zebra room. Took the subway back home at 1.30, which apparently is not the sort of thing we should be doing.

day 2

Got up, went to Times Square and queued for tickets to the matinee of Speed-The-Plow with Jeremy Piven from Entourage. Walked around a bit, went back to Harlem to go to Alice's Queen of Soulfood. OK but not
awesome. Went back to Broadway to see the show. I thought it was pretty good and definitely funny but Kristien found it overacted. Walked around Times Square some more, saw the M&M store (almond and peanut butter M&M's) and Toys R US.

Went to dance tango in uptown east, nice bar, friendly people.

day 3

Got bagels, walked around Harlem. Had Gumbo and meatloaf somewhere. Saw Saint John's Cathedral, massive - apparently it's the biggest cathedral in the world and they just finished it yesterday. Suck on that, Sagrada Familia. Moved to Carlton Arms hotel, after some debating took room 12c - the spider room. Walked around, saw Grand Central Terminal, 5mins of New York Public Library, lobby of Chrysler building.

Hunted for wine and/or cake, went to Stijn. Had Thai food at Stijn's place, saw his kid. It's good to know people around the globe.

Went to the famous Blue Note, where a band had their CD release show, but jazz just really isn't my thing. And you pay 15 $ for the Blue Note privilege.

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