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Now *that* is quality

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 11:03


I ordered some shoes on Tuesday from a store in London (I had bought a blue pair on sale in Barcelona, and went looking on the net for other colors). The store they originally came from, S***R-LONDON, had that model in grey, also on sale. around 40 euros shipping included.

I ordered them, got a mail within 5 minutes saying the order was received and the next morning that the shoes had left the building. The mail gave me a tracking link and the link said I would have the shoes today. Yeah, right, I thought.

Five minutes ago the doorbell rang. My shoes are there, delivered by a hasty UPS man. (He actually gave me two packages - the other one was the hard drive from my dad's hard drive recovery process, a drive that had gone to Spain and back even though the company seems Belgian - but that's a different post).

I open the package, inspect, everything's fine. I go back to sit at my computer, and one minute later a mail arrives from the shoe company saying that their records show that the order has been delivered. Should I be checking my building for planted wires ? The mail includes a link to use in case I'm somehow unhappy with the delivery.

I think I'm going to use that link now to say how impressed I am.


  1. I think more and more products in the future are gonna be ordered from the web and less from normal shopping outside.
    I do not know if that’s all a good sign… It had something romantic, to go outside and made a social talk with the people at the shop…. Digital world, here we come :-(

    Comment by Mike — 2009-02-20 @ 11:30

  2. Shipping service can also be very crappy at times…

    Comment by Matt — 2009-02-20 @ 11:33

  3. @Mike: for sure, although I doubt so for shoes. I ordered these after actually going to a store and buying the first (blue) pair. I don’t think I could ever buy shoes on the net without trying them on first.
    @Matt: exactly, which is why I felt these guys deserved a mention.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-02-20 @ 11:43

  4. next step, teleportation ?

    Comment by sxpert — 2009-02-20 @ 12:39

  5. Have you ever read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman? The descriptions in there of e.g. Dell’s supply+delivery chain and how efficient and globe-spanning it is are pretty amazing.

    Another example is how UPS now repairs computers for Toshiba, because it was more efficient to just send a laptop from customer back to the hub, rather than also doing hub -> repair station and repair station -> hub. That one’s on the wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_is_Flat

    Comment by Colin Walters — 2009-02-20 @ 14:54

  6. Did the shoes come with different shoelaces?

    Comment by Aigars Mahinovs — 2009-02-20 @ 19:11

  7. Great service, shame about the shoes.

    Comment by Jimmy Choo — 2009-02-21 @ 17:12

  8. @Mike: Wait, you actually *talk* to the people at the counter? I consider the impersonal nature of online shopping a *feature*. :)

    Comment by Anonymous — 2009-02-25 @ 10:56

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