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While working on morituri I provided some patches to pycdio, the python bindings for libcdio, to handle CD-Text. I was assuming it was the only library or program capable of reading it (turns out I was wrong, cdrdao also extracts it). But those functions weren't wrapped, so I added them. Upstream was using git, so that was another opportunity to test my git workflow across my 3 computers.

Anyway, it was nice to get feedback that said:

Your code has been checked into pycdio. Looks very competently done and is very thorough. Thanks.

For various reasons I won't get into I don't always enjoy the results of coding contributions at work to Flumotion, the project I started. And just as much in the open source world, my contributions aren't necessarily always valued, or treated with the respect I would think they deserve :)

That usually isn't that big of a deal to me, because that's not why I do it, but getting this succint positive remark reminds me that being nice invites being nice. Something I need to remind myself of once in a while to make sure I try and act the same way.

Anyways, a roundabout way of saying I can add another project to my list of projects I've touched.

Meanwhile, on my last plane trip I took the time to autotool morituri. I've finally caved in and went with the familiar, adding a simple frontend command using my python Command class
Another tree is born. Here's the first command's output:
[morituri-trunk] [gst-git] [thomas@ana trunk]$ rip offset find
Trying read offset 0 ...
Trying read offset 6 ...
Trying read offset 12 ...
Trying read offset 48 ...
Offset of device is likely 48, confirming ...

Read offset of device is: 48.

Now, on to ripping and drive selection and TOC caching and such niceties. Someday soon I should be able to actually use this...

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