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left work around 38 degrees C, got a haircut, went for some great tapas on my own reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter, went to a bar, met up with friends, an impromptu bbq plan was hatched, went to a lovely atico at Portal De L'Angel, barbecued in a soothing summer breeze, rode home on the back of a motorcycle hanging on for dear life. All in all a typical Barcelona summer Tuesday.


  1. Was the haircut a mullet?

    Comment by daniels — 2009-07-01 @ 12:50

  2. What did you think of DDD? I wasn’t impressed, the TV series is a lot more subtle and nuanced imo (well, series 1 and 2 at least).

    Comment by Chris Lord — 2009-07-01 @ 12:56

  3. 38 degrees C? The maximum registered temperature today in Barcelona is 33. You probably mean felt/apparent air temperature?

    Anyway, Barcelona is under an important heatwave, and 33 is already pretty high for July, so it isn’t exactly a typical day in terms of weather. :)

    Comment by anònim — 2009-07-01 @ 20:20

  4. @anonim: I should have clarified. 38 degrees C shown on the thermometer outside work. One that I do not actually trust all that much, it being smack dab in the sun.

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-07-02 @ 00:53

  5. @chris: it reads away easily, but yes the writing is a bit more grating and effect-seeking. Not sure how to put it in words. I like the show better, but the book is still worth reading imo.

    @daniels: half a mullet :)

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-07-05 @ 19:19

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