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The last few weeks I spent most of my spare time learning a little Django and rewriting the old DAD (Digital Audio Database) code (which was written in PHP) to something a little more modern and malleable.

All these topics deserve separate posts, but for now I'm just content hooking up the various pieces of infrastructure for the overall project.

So, I was happy as a child when I was able to do a query for 'all tracks that contain a hidden track' (which I look up by doing level analysis on the files, and figuring out where there are sections with a reasonably large section of silence).

The full list for my collection is below, but it definately picked out the ones I expected, like 'All Apologies' (I can't count the times I was annoyed when a music player played it then shut up for 10 minutes), Lift To Experience's "Into the Storm", the Auteurs track, and the beautiful beautiful hidden track at the end of Placebo's first album.

Pretty soon this player will play these hidden tracks correctly, and DAD will allow you to rate tracks separately.

Here's the current list (some audio files are repeated because they contain more separate slices):

In [8]: for s in models.Slice.objects.filter(start__gt=0): print s.audiofile
Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Extended).ogg
Auteurs - Home Again.ogg
Andrew Dorff - Angel Puppets.ogg
At The Close Of Every Day - Lower World.ogg
Autour De Lucie - Chanson Sans Issue (Remix).ogg
Ash - Darkside Lightside.ogg
Astrid - Say What You Mean.ogg
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Sigh Your Children.ogg
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Source Tags And Codes.ogg
Better Than Ezra - Coyote.ogg
Ben Folds Five - Evaporated.ogg
Beck - Blackhole.ogg
Blur - To The End (La Comedie).ogg
Blur - Essex Dogs.ogg
Beck - Debra.ogg
Counting Crows - St Robinson In His Cadillac Dream.ogg
Chris Whitley - Ultraglide.ogg
Cowboy Junkies - Those Final Feet.ogg
Chocolate Genius - It's All Good.ogg
Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost.ogg
Drugstore - The Funeral (But Most of All).ogg
Damien Rice - Eskimo.ogg
Damien Rice - Eskimo.ogg
Deftones - Mx.ogg
Deftones - Mx.ogg
Denis Leary - Lock 'N Load.ogg
Drugstore - Flying Down To Rio.ogg
Ed Harcourt - Like Only Lovers Can.ogg
Elvis Presley - Rip It Up.ogg
Everclear - Like A California King.ogg
Fun Lovin' Criminals - Little Song.ogg
Green Day - FOD.ogg
Gabriel Rios - Badman.ogg
Geneva - Have You Seen The Horizon Lately.ogg
Grandaddy - Lawn And So On.ogg
Janet Jackson - Special.ogg
Kyuss - Spaceship Landing.ogg
Kyuss - Spaceship Landing.ogg
Krezip - Fine.ogg
Korn - My Gift To You.ogg
K's Choice - All.ogg
Lemonheads - The Jello Fund.ogg
Lemonheads - The Jello Fund.ogg
Lemonheads - The Jello Fund.ogg
Lemonheads - The Jello Fund.ogg
Lamb - Feela.ogg
Lamb - Just Is.ogg
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Dark Is Easy.ogg
Lift To Experience - Into The Storm.ogg
Magnapop - Voice Without A Sound.ogg
Monster Magnet - Vertigo.ogg
Mansun - Dark Mavis.ogg
Manic Street Preachers - Freedom Of Speech Won't Feed My Children.ogg
Metallica - The More I See.ogg
Nirvana - Something In The Way.ogg
Nemo - The Headphone Song.ogg
Nirvana - All Apologies.ogg
Offspring - Smash.ogg
Placebo - Swallow.ogg
Poe - Fly Away.ogg
Polar - Kill My Fears.ogg
Phoenix - Alphabetical.ogg
Patti Smith - Notes To The Future (live).ogg
Placebo - Burger Queen.ogg
Pearl Jam - All Those Yesterdays.ogg
Queens Of The Stone Age - A Song For The Deaf.ogg
Robbie Williams - Suprême.ogg
Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack.ogg
Robbie Williams - Beyond The Sea.ogg
Starsailor - Coming Down.ogg
Sense Field - Haunted.ogg
Smashing Pumpkins - Daydream.ogg
Sunzoo Manley - Taxidriver.ogg
Sparklehorse - Babies On The Sun.ogg
Sonic Youth - Sweet Shine.ogg
Soulwax - Acapulco Gold.ogg
Therapy - Sister.ogg
Tool - Flood.ogg
Tool - Opiate.ogg
Throwing Muses - Shark.ogg
Tanya Donelly - The Shadow.ogg
Throwing Muses - Fever Few.ogg
Travis - Walking Down The Hill.ogg
Turin Brakes - The Optimist.ogg
Tracy Chapman - I'm Ready.ogg
Thrills - The Irish Keep Gate-crashing.ogg
U2 - All I Want Is You.ogg
U2 - The Wanderer.ogg
Teddy Thompson - Missing Children.ogg
Verve - Come On.ogg
Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey.ogg
Nits - Meisje Van 16.ogg
Whiskeytown - Bar Lights.ogg
Whipping Boy - Morning Rise-A Natural.ogg
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Modern Romance.ogg
Beyoncé - Bonnie And Clyde '03.ogg
Sigur Rós - Untitled 4.ogg


  1. RJD2 – Work. I love the first song; hate the second.

    But this is pretty cool. Are we gonna be able to see the code one day? And what music player are you talking about? You said “Pretty soon this player will play these hidden tracks correctly, and DAD will allow you to rate tracks separately.” Does that mean Rhythmbox will add support for this or something?

    Comment by Brett — 2009-07-25 @ 13:38

  2. Hi Brett. The code’s already public, if you’re adventurous: https://thomas.apestaart.org/thomas/trac/browser/src/dad/trunk.

    The example that calculates slices and track mixes is examples/trackmix.py

    The music player I’m talking about is not yet done. Currently there’s a simple command-line no-controls mixer as a prototype in examples/jukebox.py

    It’d be nice to see the same features in as many players as possible, but I can’t tell you if Rhythmbox would consider this or if it would be easy to graft in. I’m definately going to take a stab at integrating it in Moovida

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-07-27 @ 11:00

  3. I hope your software won’t treat the hidden track in “Darkside Lightside” as a real song…

    Comment by Jeremy — 2009-07-26 @ 22:39

  4. It does, and I’m rating it at 100%!

    Comment by Thomas — 2009-07-27 @ 10:58

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