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Getting up at 7.  7 hours of travel.  LUGRadio is 5 minutes from the train station but my twattiness made me book at the hotel the furthest away from both as possible.  Taxi through Wolverhampton.  Is it normal for a nursery to be next to a tattoo palace, or is it local city flair ? 3 out of 4 calls with my phone make my phone claim that "the number does not exist", even though I'm on Vodafone UK here, and I was assuming Vodafone would be at its best here in the UK.  So I'm not sure at this point if my 3G modem card doesn't work because a) the roaming wasn't correctly activated b) I'm doing something wrong software wise or c) the coverage here is crap.

Things can only get better from here on out! Time to write some talky bits.


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Being the usual dorkwad that I am I only just now managed to book my flights.

That also means I haven't booked accomodation of any kind yet.  Anyone still looking to share a room at ETAP or Formula 1 from Monday 16th until Friday 20th inclusive ? If not, given that bmibaby has lots of hidden costs, I may actually prefer to go all dormy and save on the overpriced accomodation anyway.

2007 Summer Tour

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LUG Radio Live

After repeated harassing by Jono to "blog about it" (1), I'm taking this precious piece of your real estate to flood your retina with shameless self-promotion.

Yes, that's right. Come this Saturday, I will be talking about Flumotion at LUGRadio Live 2007.

It will be extra-special for me because it happens to be on my 31st birthday! Things you can do to make this particular event more memorable for me:

  • Promptu break out in an inpromptu "Happy Birthday"/"Cumpleaños Feliz" rendition (bonus points for glockenspiel or harp)
  • Show up with a present (Suggestions on US or UK Amazon wishlist (2))
  • Refrain for a day in calling me "Schnitzel" in any kind of variation (3)

Monday morning I will get up insanely early and take the plane to ...


This year's Europython conference is held in Vilnius, Lithuania (4). Again, I will be talking about Flumotion - but probably more from a developer's point of view. I'll also take the opportunity to do some recruiting - if you happen to be there and would be interested in working for Fluendo or Flumotion, do let me know.

On Thursday, I will fly back to Brussels. I will spend some time in the arm of my girl, go to Rock Herk (Archie Bronson Outfit AND The National FOR FREE !), and go to de Gentse Feesten (10 days of crazy partying all over my home town). After that, flying off to


The yearly mothership. This year I decided I wanted to do a new kind of talk, so GUADEC will see a 0.1 version of that - a talk on Practical Project Maintenance. It is still under construction, feel free to drop me some suggestions if you want me to address particular issues.

If you want to meet up at any of these events, file a ticket.

(1) He sent one mail and that's it.

(2) The folks back home are as always also eligible for this one-time-only exclusive offer

(3) That's you, Jono Bacon. A man called Bacon has no right to call someone else Schnitzel.

(4) Holy crap I've never been this close to Russia.

Subversion pre-commit checks

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Now that we have one web developer on Linux and one on Windows, I get to experience first-hand the pain of EOL markers.  On the one hand I'm trying to teach my guys why it makes sense to use a VCS (and how it is better than FTP even though it's more complicated), but on the other hand it takes a while for anyone to notice that when the Windows guy commits something, the whole file has been changed and nobody knows what happened in the commit.

And obviously I figure this out the first time I want to use svnmerge to merge from trunk to a deployment branch.

It seems like Subversion could have made this a lot simpler from the get-go.

But anyway, after some Googling I realize I need the following things:

  • set svn:eol-style property to native on all "text" files (DONE)
  • set up svn client-side configurations for everyone to automatically set these properties
  • get a pre-commit check to make sure that these things are set as needed (see the warning in this section) It is nice of the Subversion book to tell us what we should do.  But surely you could have given us a simple script to do the right thing ?

So, plea for help - any of you nice hackers out there have a decent client-side configuration file and a matching pre-commit hook to check ?

automake 1.10

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God darn it.  Apparently automake 1.10 now warns me that constructs like this:

pychecker_indep_files = $(filter-out $(pychecker_010_files),$(pychecker_all_files))

use GNU make-specific features and are thus not portable.

So I started looking for "what is POSIX make anyway" and all I could find was this page which is irritatingly concise and doesn't leave me with a whole lot of options.

Anyone know what sort of text/list manipulation one can rely on when trying to stay portable ? Or is there simply no point in trying to support anything else than GNU make ?

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