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moap 0.2.5 “Matonge” released

Filed under: moap,Releases — Thomas @ 22:10


With a push and a shove, I excreted a new release of moap

An exciting release for me - with the help of some friends, bugs got fixed and features got added.

There is now a Bzr and a Git backend, bringing the number of supported VCS systems up to 5 - better than any copy I of prepare-ChangeLog.pl that I know of.

I also added a Bugzilla bug querying backend.  And Stefan is working on a SourceForge tracker backend.

One of the nicer things I've added recently is a way of being helpful to users when a dependency is missing.   For example, if you don't have Genshi installed, it will tell you that you're missing Genshi, and where you can find Genshi.  If moap knows about your distribution, it will even tell you how to install it if it knows.

If moap doesn't know about your distribution, or about how to get this dependency for your distribution, it will give you a link to file a ticket with the summary filled in for you already.  All you need to do is enter some information on how to detect your distro or install the dependency for your distro.  If this works out well, I can see myself adding this sort of thing to other projects.

Anyway, that brings me again one step closer to my talk at GUADEC, "Practical Project Maintenance".  The talk will also discuss moap, but the idea of the talk is mostly to draw on some of my experiences - as well as others' - in doing project maintenance work.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for this talk, or things you think I should cover, feel free to comment.


  1. Hi,

    I’m quite surprised about the logo of MOAP. (I read the FAQ) I suggest you to use this one : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9c/Nazi_Swastika.svg/180px-Nazi_Swastika.svg.png It’s less offensive in oriental countries. :P

    What else ? MOAP rocks ! Do you know a bit of anjuta integration ? :)


    Comment by bersace — 2007-06-25 @ 05:07

  2. bersace: That would not only be offensive, but outright illegal here in Austria, as well as Germany and Italy.

    Comment by Kevin Kofler — 2007-06-26 @ 02:10

  3. Kevin: The same goes for the hammer and sickle in Polska and such countries …

    Comment by bersace — 2007-06-27 @ 15:14

  4. Bersace: says who? I find no evidence for your claim that it would be illegal in “such countries”.

    Comment by Thomas — 2007-06-27 @ 20:28

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